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The Parque Expo Group

Atlântico – Pavilhão Multiusos de Lisboa, S.A.

Location: Parque das Nações - Lisbon
Area of the equipment: 36 030 m²
Author: Architect Regino Cruz/ Skidmore, Owings & Merril (sound)
Data of the project: 1994 - 1998

Pavilhão Atlântico

Atlântico, S.A. is a state owner company within the Parque EXPO Group, the principal objective of which is to affirm itself as a leading organization in the national and international market in the areas of venue management and the integrated top-quality provision of support services for holding events.

To attain this strategic positioning, Atlântico, S.A. has four main strategic objectives:

  • To optimise the operation of the spaces under management by holding more and better events;
  • To extend its management competences to new spaces;
  • To increase the provision of specialised services to spaces and organisers of events; To explore new areas of opportunity through the development of new businesses, which reinforce its positioning.

Doca dos Olivais. Pavilhão de Portugal and Pavilhão Atlântico.

Currently, this company has under its responsibility the management and operation of two anchor units in the Parque das Nações:

  • Pavilhão Atlântico – national reference as a multiuse arena which annually hosts an average of 80 events of a very wide variety to around 400 thousand people;
  • Pavilhão de Portugal – am emblematic building of the Expo ’98, which has hosted prestigious institutional events and where a new exposition will soon be installed.

Atlântico, S.A. is also preparing to extend its activity to new spaces of reference. Under the Palácio de Cristal /Rosa Mota Pavilion project in consortium with AEP - Associação Empresarial de Portugal, the Associação dos Amigos do Coliseu do Porto and Parque

Event at Pavilhão Atlântico.


Pavilhão Atlântico.

Some numbers

  • 4.5 million visitors in 937 events;
  • 5 650 m³ of laminated pinewood, joined by 116,000 screws and bolts;
  • 250 000 holes were drilled;
  • 80 tonnes of glue and 680 tonnes of steel were used for the joints;
  • Glued laminated wood beams with a cross-sectional span of 114 meters;
  • If the 3 800 m³ of boards used for the ceiling beams were placed end-to-end it would make a path 1,900 km long ;
  • Its wooden structure is five times lighter than its concrete equivalent and more resistant to fire and seismic effects.

Group's Sites

Parque EXPO 98, S.A.
Av. D. João II, Lote
1998-014 Lisboa

Telefone: 218 919 898
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